Slow Your Pace


Slow Your Pace: 10 Ways to Slow Your Pace” is a $1.99 downloadable document that talks about the importance of slowing down the pace in all aspects of life. It provides insights and resources on how to properly take a step back, breathe, and slow down to achieve more favorable results not just in one’s day to day life, but in making big, life-altering decisions as well. For less than two dollars, this iDoc – internet document- helps people switch from the often-treacherous route of living a fast-paced lifestyle into slower but surer strides.



10 Ways to Slow Your Pace and Invest in Your Future

Slowing down the pace is important. Today, everyone seems to be in a hurry all the time, and slowing down has mistakenly become synonymous to idleness. In reality, slowing down is anything but laziness or losing one’s heart to get the job done. It’s taking the time to hit the nail on every step, every decision, every choice one makes to achieve better and more positive results every time.

It is a tremendous help to have a reminder of why and how one can slow the pace down and be a better planner and a more decisive person. A great product online that can assist people on how to live this lifestyle is Kerry A. Clark & Company’s iDoc – short for Internet Document. This iDoc, “Slow Your Pace: 10 Ways to Slow Your Pace” is a downloadable document that helps people slow down the pace on everything they do, as well as learn how to plan their lives based on priorities.

For only $1.99, you will have access to well-researched, well-thought out and detailed information and resources on ways to manage tasks efficiently. It can help anyone learn how to shift what’s not urgent or important. For less than two dollars, one will have a relevant guide on how to deal with potential problems ahead of time and stay determined even when the temptation to procrastinate is everywhere. This is a very small amount compared to random expensive things one buys without real purpose or benefits.

“Slow Your Pace: 10 Ways to Slow Your Pace” is more than just text after text of tips and how-tos. Instead, it is a lifestyle guide that will primarily help people sort out their often uncontrollable, fast-paced life. It tackles a broad range of things that people often hurry to accomplish daily, but with results that are almost always disastrous – things like cleaning their out-of-control email inbox to de-cluttering their work desk.

Spending $1.99 for the iDoc means improving your present and investing in your future! Give it a go. Purchase “Slow Your Pace: 10 Ways to Slow Your Pace” NOW.

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