About Pemela & Kerry A. Clark

Let us introduce you to our website, kerryAclark.com. It’s the home of “Kerry A. Clark & Co.”  What is the purpose of this website? Let’s go back to the basics so that you can see who we are, which would lead to a better understanding of our purpose.

Kerry A. Clark

If there are two words that could describe Kerry, it would be “simple” and “organized.” He makes things simple and organized.  Not only has he shown these traits since elementary school, he has also brought these with him in various roles building ministries, as well as in his corporate endeavors. In 2008, he finally realized that these characteristics are God’s way of equipping him to fulfill His mission. These traits are what he uses to help people in their journey towards becoming what he calls “no-longer-common”.

So with these qualities embedded deep in his being, he and Pamela seek to define three specific focuses that would make helping people a simple yet organized task. This is where the 3 M’s – Mission, Message, and Ministration – were developed. 

Pamela Clark

Together with her husband Kerry, Pamela assists with the administration, training, and leadership of the organization they both founded.


The First M: Mission

What is Kerry and Pamela’s ultimate mission?

“Expose the world to all Christianity has to offer, while connecting the entire body of Christ.”

Kerry, his family, and the Kerry A. Clark & Co. team have been given a mission to create a tool–we won’t call it just a website–with the sole purpose of “Exposing the World to all Christianity has to offer at the same time connecting the entire body of Christ” online.

This mission is what The Sohrs (Sohrs.com), pronounced “source”, is meant for. The Sohrs is an online Christian information & recommendation service, networking utility and database created to fulfill this mission by giving every person all the resources that they need to pursue the best Christian life possible. It becomes the perfect tool that anyone can use as they work on making the most of their Christian lifestyle, and a way for Kerry and Pamela to guide every person they minister to, in the right direction.

The Sohrs is a cross between Urbanspoon.com, International Movie Database (imdb.com), and Ancestry.com.  We want to use “The Sohrs” to connect Christian places with people, organizations, resources, entertainment venues, and activities.  We want to be the one-stop-shop to everything “Christ”.

The Second M: Message

  What is Kerry and Pamela’s message?

  “You are no-longer-common: when ordinary is no longer enough.”

This is the message that Kerry and Pamela want to share. It corresponds to the scripture which   says:

 “Teach My people the difference between what is holy [not common] and what is common.”  Ezekiel 44:23 NLT

This message is exactly what pushes Kerry A. Clark and his family to inspire, teach, and coach others in the process of transitioning from what is common into something other than common [holy]. After all, the ways of the world has proven that just because everybody else is doing it does not make it right. This is something that Kerry and Pamela would like to emphasize as they work hand-in-hand in making people stronger in Christ. It is the knowledge that they need to be able to make wiser decisions that would lead them closer to Christ. Through this message, people will finally realize that they do not need to follow the rest of the world to fit in and become accepted. This message will make people realize that instead of fitting in, they should be working on standing out and becoming greater than what is common. (NoLongerCommon.com)

The Third M: Ministration

What does Kerry, Pamela and the Kerry A. Clark & Co. team do?

“We build others by defining the business of running your life.”

To send the message across more effectively and work towards fulfilling the mission, Kerry and Pamela minister to the people who are stuck in the vicious cycle of commonness and are still unaware of what Christianity can do for them. We inspire, coach, and provide resources and tools to enhance the lives of fellow believers. (KerryAClark.com)

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