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When Ordinary Is No Longer Enough

Kerry A. Clark has a NEW podcast hosted by Pamela Clark. Kerry is podcasting in an uncommon way. Using the content Kerry A. Clark & Co. produces in eBooks and physical books, he records podcasts for those who don't have the time to sit down and read the printed material.New episodes release every Sunday.

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Our virtual group meets three times a year in semesters (i.e. Winter, Summer, and Fall). During each semester, we cover a new “next level” topic discussed over a period of several weeks. We bring practical information, examples, and discussions to topics relevant to you and designed with one intent…to take your life to The Next Level. Go with us.

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What We Do

Our Main Focuses (The 3 M's)

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The “Sohrs” (pronounced “source”) is an online Christian information & recommendation service, networking utility and database that gives you everything you need to learn more about your faith.

Our Mission: To expose the world to all that Christianity has to offer, while connecting the entire body of Christ.

Sohrs.com is our non-profit organization and is the ultimate Christian source for entertainment venues, organizations, events, churches, and other resources. It's the perfect place for you to share your own experiences, comments, recommendations and ratings, not only for churches, but Christian organizations, resources and sources of Christian entertainment. It's an interactive community where people lead each other to their shared resources.

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When We Think of God

NoLongerCommon.com is a resource that focuses on defining the difference between what’s normal and what we’re calling “no-longer-common”. “No-longer-common” is the you that no longer has to be common, ordinary,average or mediocre.

We help you get rid of ordinary living. We help you live an extraordinary life by teaching you the difference between what’s common and what’s no-longer-common.

We use this platform to encourage, refresh and build those who have found that ordinary is no longer working.

This is the message that we want to send out to the world: “In order to have a life that’s different from anyone and everyone else, you must become something other than what they are – common.”

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Dumb Sex

We begin this conversation on sex with what makes it dumb. To change our thinking, we must understand some key and fundamental principles as it relates to how we have managed to mis-understand sex as God created it in the first place.

KerryAClark.com or “Kerry A. Clark & Co.” aims to help people live their lives the same way that they run their businesses or conduct business for others. In other words, your life is your business. Applying the principles of simplicity and organization, we help people turn their passions and dreams into the businesses that promote their lives.

We help people avoid living ordinary lives and point them towards becoming the uncommon individual they were meant to be. We do this by sharing and providing products, tools, guides, resources, books, how-to’s and applications for the purpose of improving lives.

What’s New?

Relationship Report Card (RRC)

Kerry A. Clark & Co.’s Relationship Report Card (RRC) is a no-cost, downloadable questionnaire
that can help couples evaluate the status of their relationship. It’s best for serious couples who
plan to stay together for a lifetime. The couple only needs to complete the questionnaire,
calculate their respective scores, and discuss the outcome. The RRC is available once you sign up
for our free email updates. It is a communication tool designed to be used by couples over and
over again.

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