About Sohrs.com

About Sohrs.com

The “Sohrs” (pronounced “source”) is an online Christian information & recommendation service, networking utility and database that gives you everything you need to learn more about your faith.

Our Mission: To expose the world to all that Christianity has to offer, while connecting the entire body of Christ.

Have you ever been in a church where you didn’t fit in?
Have you ever been a member of a church where you stopped growing?
Have you ever been stuck at a local church because of the relationships you have with people there?
Have you ever relocated due to a new job and had to go through the “church” hunt? 

Sohrs.com is the perfect place for you to share your own experiences, especially if you have asked similar questions before. With the ability to comment, recommend and rate not only churches, but Christian organizationsresources and sources of Christian entertainment, it becomes an interactive community where people lead each other to these resources.

Sohrs.com is the ultimate source for entertainment venues, organizations, events, and other resources. Because we understand that finding solutions for your unique needs is not an easy process, we are here to supply you with all the tools and resources to find the place where God wants you to be. That place where you can fully develop and maximize the unique traits and talents that God has given for you to share with the world.


Our Differences All Work Together

Why do you need these resources?

No two individuals are alike. No matter how similar two people look, or how aligned your interests may be, God has made a unique signature stamped on each of us that makes us all different. Our gifts and talents alone make us unique from the person next to us. This is why any differences seen in any group of people, methods, or organizations should not be frowned upon. For it is written in 1 Corinthians 12:46 (KJV):

Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.
And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.
And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.

God is the mastermind behind all of these differences. He created us this way because He expects us to apply our own techniques, our own ideas, and our own processes in doing what He has commissioned us to do. Because of this, even churches are created differently, with each church catering to the specific needs of the different people that make up their community. Even in a single Christian organization, the passions, dreams, and preferences of each member is different, a thought that should make us embrace change and promote understanding, instead of resorting to judgment and fear of the unknown.

Popular thinking would have you believe:
“God cannot work outside of our denomination.”
“Every church has to be just like ours.”
“God can only move in this one way.”
“God will only do this, if this happens.”

Instead, we choose to see God as a creative being, helping us understand and appreciate these differences and see how we can all blend harmoniously. The human body may have two hands that have different sets of fingers, each of the fingers having prints unique to them. The two hands may look the same, but they can never be interchanged and made to do what the other does, as each has its unique purpose.

This is why the Sohrs.com is here. We want you to feel that there is nothing wrong with being different, and that there is something out there for you no matter how unique you are and establish the connections you need to be the best you.

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