Exteme is Who I Am

(a.k.a. “to the left”)

All the Way to the Left or to the Right

I need to give you a disclaimer when reading what I right.  My wife says I can’t help it, but I usually go way too far left or way too far right with what I have to say.  Let me help you understand what that means.  Some people like to have a balance.  “Normal” people like to stay center.  So if there is a negative extreme, we will call that going all the way to the left.  If there is a positive extreme, we will call that going all the way to the right.  For me, I will go left, right or both and it will be extreme.

Why do I go to the extreme?

Seriously, I go to the extreme so that you will get it.  Most people “sugar-coat” what they have to say so that it goes down easy.  While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, I’ve found it more impacting to use extremes. It sticks  with others and leaves a lasting imprint on their minds.
The older I get the more extreme I become.  In all actuality, I practice it.  I decided on my fortieth birthday that I would stop holding back.  My friends love it when I tell it like it is.  Many times with no fixing it.  I made a promise to The Lord that I would be the best me I could possibly be and so should you.