Most individuals are going to find themselves in the “normal” trap. He or she has dreams and aspirations for more, but will allow “normal” to talk him or her out of it. The purpose of this book is to expose “normal” for what it is, open the eyes of those who read it to see that ordinary is no longer enough and provide insight into how to make an ordinary life, extraordinary.

This content is arranged based upon these five life’s growth areas

Our life

having an uncommon home, education, and personal life.

Our work

performing with unconventional work habits, ethics, and career building.

Our spirituality

becoming a person unlike anyone else.

Our interactions

impacting more than
just yourself.

Our relationships

being loved and showing love like no other.

After reading No Longer Common: When Ordinary Is No Longer Enough, readers will leave with the following insights:

  • Understand what it means to be normal and why it holds one back from becoming their best.
  • See the impact “normal” has had and what would be possible if one applied what’s uncommon to their home, education, and personal life.
  • Uncover what popular thinking has done to keep one from standing out with unconventional work habits, ethics, and career building.
  • Be aware of the limitations culture applies to one’s personal religious experience and help shed the fear of having to follow another’s path to true spirituality.
  • Learn how to impact more than just oneself and truly become a contributing member of society.
  • Have relationships others envy exemplifying love like no other.

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