About NolongerCommon.com

Why we created NoLongerCommon.com?

NoLongerCommon.com is a resource that focuses on defining the difference between what’s normal and what we’re calling “no-longer-common”. “No-longer-common” is the you that no longer has to be common, ordinary, average or mediocre.

We help you get rid of ordinary living.
We help you live an extraordinary life by teaching you the difference between what’s common and what’s no-longer-common, which is what the Bible calls “holy.”

We use this platform to encourage, refresh and build those who have found that ordinary is no longer working.
This is the message that we want to send out to the world: “In order to have a life that’s different from anyone and everyone else, you must become something other than what they are – common.”

Our Message: When Ordinary is No Longer Enough

Today, ordinary living has taken over the world and people can’t see any other alternative. Instead, they see what other people are doing and what’s currently popular. It’s all about what is being commonly done. However, just because everybody else is doing it does not make it right. Ezekiel 44:23 paraphrased says:

“My people can be taught something that is the opposite of what’s common, ordinary, or normal. We call this process of you becoming something more than average, no-longer-common.”

This is why NoLongerCommon.com exists.

Vision for NoLongerCommon.com

In this modern society, people often show a different personality when they’re in church. When people are not in church, we see an entirely different side altogether. We sometimes find that the lives we live are actually quite far from the lives we define in church; there’s a disconnect between church teachings and our daily lives.

This is a realization that Pamela, my wife and I experienced and because of this, we decided to start from scratch and set out to read the Bible and apply each word to our lives, no matter how far its message is from what other people commonly do. Thankfully through this journey, we discovered a lot which we share here at NoLongerCommon.com.

The NoLongerCommon.com Five Categories

NoLongerCommon.com speaks of 5 different aspects that make up a person’s life. Together, these 5 pieces help lead each person in the direction of becoming no-longer-common.

  1. Home, Personal Life, and Education. Illustrates the choices you have to start making to have an uncommon home, education, and personal life.
  2. Work, Business, and Career. Speaks about applying unconventional work habits, business ethics, and career-building methods.
  3. Church and Religion. Demonstrates how to be like no one else when it comes to the church and your religion.
  4. Recreation, Society, and Government. Involves taking steps that will not only impact you, but everyone else around you.
  5. Relationships and Family. Discusses the aspects of loving and being loved like no other.

No-longer-common exposes you to the things no one has ever told you.

We share information with people – information they may not have been given. We help people step beyond the state of being ordinary. We want everyone to realize that God has a greater calling for each and every one of us. His word encourages people to stand out, be unique, be different, be one of a kind, be like no one else, and ultimately, become better people, better than who we are now.

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