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Our virtual group meets three times a year in semesters (i.e. Winter, Summer, and Fall). During each semester, we cover a new “next level” topic discussed over a period of several weeks. We bring practical information, examples, and discussions to topics relevant to you and designed with one intent…to take your life to The Next Level. Go with us.

In order to get involved and to stay connected
we encourage every member to join our exclusive group chat.
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Next Level (Discussions)

Ask the Questions You’ve Always Wanted Answered

Winter-Spring Semester
Feb. 5 – Apr. 29

*All virtual sessions are scheduled for 7:00 PM Central Time each Monday. 

Meeting ID: 856 1003 9290
Passcode: 20240205

Next Level (Discussions) – Ask the Questions You’ve Always Wanted Answered

This virtual group is all about open conversations on faith, spirituality, life, but most importantly practicality. No formalities, just real talk. Bring your questions, share your insights, and let’s explore the depths of faith together. Join us for a genuine and enriching dialogue geared towards taking our lives to the next level.

If this sounds interesting to you, come check it out. There are no obligations required.

Current Virtual Meeting Schedule

* All virtual sessions are scheduled for 7:00 PM Central Time 

Feb 5 (Week1): Introduction to Next Level Discussions:
Ask the Questions You’ve Always Wanted Answered
Feb 12 (Week 2): What is the meaning of “1 Timothy 2:15”?
Feb 19 (Week 3): How does suicide impact one’s salvation?
Feb 26 (Week 4): Speaking in Tongues
Mar 4 (Week 5): What do you have trouble trusting God with?
Mar 11 (Week 6): How does one stay the course
[when situations, life, promptings, ideas are potentially changing one’s course]?
Mar 18 (Week 7): Bible Contradictions (i.e. 70×7 verses 77 times)
Mar 25 (Week 8): No Session
Apr 1 (Week 9): Divorce and Remarriage
Apr 8 (Week 10): Dealing and interacting with non-believers in the workplace.
Apr 15 (Week 11): Understanding the Conflict in Israel.
Apr 22 (Week 12): How will we know others in Heaven?
Apr 29 (Week 13): Is the sinner’s prayer scriptural or a tradition of men?

*Note: Schedule is Subject to Change.

Resources Available

Click a link below to take advantage of a resource you might find helpful.


Other Resources

No Longer Common – Book
When Ordinary is No Longer Enough – Book 

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Can I join this group in the middle of the semester?
Yes you may join the group at any point in the semester. Our group is inviting, fluid, interactive, and open.

Is there a fee associated with joining this group?
There is no fee for joining our groups. However, at times we choose to base our topics on books that you may choose to purchase to accompany the virtual group semester.