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Our virtual group meets three times a year in semesters (i.e. Winter, Summer, and Fall). During each semester, we cover a new “next level” topic discussed over a period of several weeks. We bring practical information, examples, and discussions to topics relevant to you and designed with one intent…to take your life to The Next Level. Go with us.

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Next Level U (The Decade Challenge)

Overcoming Decade Respective Challenges

Summer Semester
June 2 – July 13

*All virtual sessions are scheduled for 7:00 PM Central Time each Monday. 

Meeting ID: 893 7169 8126
Passcode: 20240603

Next Level U: Overcoming Decade Respective Challenges

This virtual group is a discussion of life’s greatest challenges respective to each decade of life. For example, what was your biggest challenge in your teenage years and what advice would you have offered yourself? We will walk through the decades of life to expose some of the biggest problems, the unavoidable experiences, the things that tripped us up, as well as the triumphs we may have had dealing with each scenarios. This short semester will be engaging, as well as enlightening as we take a look at our past, present, and future. More importantly, we will gain insight for each stage on how we can take our lives to the next level.

If this sounds interesting to you, come check it out. There are no obligations required.

Current Virtual Meeting Schedule

* All virtual sessions are scheduled for 7:00 PM Central Time 

June 3 (Week1): Decade 1 (0-9) | Decade 2 (10-19)
June 10 (Week 2): No Session
June 17 (Week 3): Decade 3 (20-29)
June 24 (Week 4): Decade 4 (30-39) | Decade 5 (40-49)
July 1 (Week 5): Decade 6 (50-59) | Decade 7 (60-69)
July 8 (Week 6): Decade 8+ (Age 70+)

*Note: Schedule is Subject to Change.

Resources Available

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Other Resources

No Longer Common – Book
When Ordinary is No Longer Enough – Book 

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Can I join this group in the middle of the semester?
Yes you may join the group at any point in the semester. Our group is inviting, fluid, interactive, and open.

Is there a fee associated with joining this group?
There is no fee for joining our groups. However, at times we choose to base our topics on books that you may choose to purchase to accompany the virtual group semester.