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We have but one goal and that’s to help you get to the next level.

This page was created to give you, my friend, an overview of all one can find available at Kerry A. Clark & Co. By the way, “Kerry A. Clark & Co. isn’t as much a business per se, as it is the company that we keep. It’s about you and how we together can add value to the world around us. Remember, we have but one goal, that’s to help you get to the next level. Sitting at average, gets us average. But when we decide to take that next step, that next reach, that next move, then we’re headed somewhere the ordinary person is not.

Take your life to the next level.
If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know I live to take others to the next level. What would happen to your life if you made one step in the direction you desired? I’ll tell you. You would step out of normal into something different. You will become what we call uncommon or no-longer-common. Normal is where you are now, but taking one step, only one more step, will place you in the class called extraordinary. Pamela and I have a mission to help others do just that. There are three ways in which we achieve this goal. We call them our three M’s. Yes. M’s; because each word starts with the letter ‘M.’

M1 – Mission (
We begin with our mission. In order to become different you must surround yourself with “different.” This first ‘M’ is “surround yourself with the right people.” M1 is our mission which is to help people surround themselves with the right people in the right environment. If you hang around the same people, you’re guaranteed to hang around the same people. In other words, you need to always be on the lookout for expanding your circle. What we wish to do is encourage you and help you build a desire to seek the right people who will in turn push you to make that one step that can and will change your life for the better.

For more about our mission and surrounding yourself with the right people, visit our platform called “The Sohrs.” 

At The Sohrs, you can find the following:

  • – This platform houses an online database used to expose the world to all Christian.
  • BeTheSohrs – Our weekly web publication and email campaign aimed to take back Sunday’s for Christ. Each week we post a new topic used to engage our followers and allow them to show the world what Christian do.
  • Our social media networks, which include Twitter (@TheSohrs) and, are used to connect us and our followers.

M2 – Message (
Our second offering is called “No Longer Common Today.” To become extraordinary one must learn to believe what no one else believes. M2 is our message which helps one begin the journey of building faith in oneself. Faith simply means you begin to take steps and actions towards the things you hope for, hope to see, hope to have, and hope to become. What we wish to do is give you a new philosophy about your life and help you see yourself accomplishing more than an average person does.

For more on our message and transforming your beliefs about yourself, visit our platform called, “No Longer Common Today.”


At No Longer Common Today, you can find the following:

  • – This platform houses our content which focuses on defining the difference between what’s normal and what we’re calling “no-longer-common.” We break this down into three areas:
    1. The Uncommon Truth: you’ve heard people say common sense isn’t so common, the reason why is because it’s uncommon sense, uncommon truth.
    2. No Longer Common Today: our platform used to share content for our future book projects. Our most notable publication is “No Longer Common: When Ordinary Is No Longer Enough.”
    3. iPray-3-6-5: This section of no-longer-common is where we dedicate our life to transforming the world in the area of prayer. What if you could go from 10% unanswered prayers to 90% answered prayers? Wouldn’t that peak your interest? Here you can learn lessons on prayer that have never been taught anywhere in the world, guaranteed.
  • No Longer Common Today” – Our weekly web publication and email campaign, where we send real-time updates straight to your email inbox.
  • Our social media networks, which include Twitter (@NoLongerCommon),, and are used to connect us and our followers.

M3 – Ministration (
Our final ‘M’ is called “Kerry A. Clark & Co.” In order to take advantage of the knowledge gained from those you surround yourself with (M1) we have built a belief that uncommon is possible (M2), M3 is to act in ways no one else acts. When we speak of acting, we’re not talking about pretending, but rather taking action. M3 is our ministration, better defined as “how we administer service to others.” The word ministry means to serve or take actions that help others using whatever it is we have that can help another. We desire to show you that all that you are, everything that you have, and all that you know is a powerful gift that can be used to help others do what you are now doing, taking your life to the next level.


At Kerry A Clark & Co., you can find the following:

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