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Is something blocking your path? Have you ever come to a stream in your life that you needed to cross because you desperately wanted to get to what was on the other side?

You look for possible crossings only to find a path of scattered stones, and you use them to find a clear and easy path for crossing. You make the first step onto one stone, then to the next. With much joy, you make it across. You feel a sense of relief that you didn’t fall in and a sense of accomplishment that you made it.

Imagine trying to cross with stones missing and scattered. These missing stones represent your failed attempt to finish school. It’s the loss of a job, or the lack of one over a long period of time. It’s the loss of a friend, family member, or loved one that you just can’t seem to recover from. It’s that bad relationship that you have not been able to deal with.

Despite the raging waters, the hope of crossing to the other side still lies within you.

What’s on the other side? It’s your college degree. Your dream job. That family you want. The business you wanted to build. Your dreams. Your passions. It’s all a matter of crossing the stream and getting there.

How do you reach the other side of the stream? How do you achieve that college degree? That dream job? That family you’ve always wanted? The business you’ve always wanted to build?

These are what stepping stones are for. With each stone you jump onto, you become closer and closer to all the great things that you want to achieve.

Of course, because we live in an imperfect world, the stones needed for you to reach the other side aren’t always complete. You would always find gaps that are too big, gaps that make it impossible for you to reach the next stone.

If you feel that the number of stones available for you to step on are not enough to take you to the other side, Kerry A. Clark & Co. can be the missing pieces. We help you make those successful series of steps that would bring you to the other side – that place where you strive to succeed in everything you set your heart to do. It’s that place where you finally no longer have to be common, celebrating the uniqueness that God gave you.

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